Many of the sessions taught at Buckeye Leadership Workshop have a handout section.  Below find our resources and group photos for you to download.

2019 Group Photo - Coming Soon!

2019 Class Resources

Note: Not all classes submit a Notebook Resource.  If you have questions about your class you can email your instructor from the address list.

Dulcimer Making - Mike Anderson
Sweat it Out! - Jack Herbst and Michael Danhof
Social Media, Marketing, and Awesomeness - Travis Allison
Yarn Crafting - Sami Brossia and Amber Grundy
Small Quilting - Edie Dyke
Recreation Sampler - Barry Joliff, Christy Leeds, and Kate White
Board Games - Ted Zech
Team Challenge - Tim Borton and Neva Baltzell
5 More Minutes - Jalisa Danhof, Larry Hall, and Emily Orth
Photography - Helen Kourous Harrigan and Ariel Blanton
Storytelling - Mike Anderson
Uke Can Do It! - Matt Honsberger
Intentionally Intentional - Creating Lasting Impact and Positive Change - Beth Allison
18-Hole Wood Golf Course - Bill Henderson
Basketry - Karen Saker
Emotional Intelligence - Sami and Jenell Brossia
Geometric Dancing - Tim Borton
Flying Things - Helen Kourous Harrigan, Dave Kalkbrenner, and Emily Orth
UFO: Unfinished Fabric Objects - Edie Dyke
Exploring Our Wild Outdoors - John Fark