Since 1944, the Buckeye Leadership Workshop (BLW) has helped youth and adults develop leadership skills. BLW is a learning and sharing workshop/conference intended as a balanced program of social, physical, mental, and spiritual activities. The workshop also benefits those who simply enjoy associating with great people, experiencing new ideas, and learning new skills.

Our Mission

“Enriching life through recreation” has been the stated purpose of the Buckeye Leadership Workshop for more than two decades. From its earliest days, participatory learning has been the focus. Workshoppers, trustees, and instructors leave titles at the door and participate in the workshop in an atmosphere of equality.

Our objectives are:

  1. To educate leaders in the field of organized recreation for community service.

  2. To act as a refresher course for leaders already working in the field of organized recreation.

  3. To share ideas and experiences in media of creative expression.

  4. To develop knowledge and skills in the teaching of recreation, social, and leisure life skills.

  5. To show that true happiness can be achieved through non-commercialized recreation through the spontaneity of the family or small group.

  6. To provide recreation and relaxation for the leaders themselves.

Buckeye Leadership Workshop is the single greatest professional development experience I’ve encountered. The amount of innovative ideas, genuine connections, and personal growth I experience each year is immeasurable. I think every camp professional could benefit from this immersive experience.
— Jalisa Danhof, Director of Camp Newaygo