Adult Committee Members


Ariel Blanton - Class of 2020

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Tim Borton - Class of 2020

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Michael Danhof - Class of 2020

Michael has been a participant at BLW since his wife, Jalisa, convinced him to join the BLW family in 2013. Michael and his family live in Newaygo, Michigan, at beautiful Camp Newaygo. Michael’s day job is working as a Senior Commercial Loan Underwriter, but his real job is being Dad to his son Calvin. Michael says that his favorite BLW memory is “Teaching (well, really learning while trying to teach) an outdoor survival class with our dear, departed friend Chuck Wurth.” Michael is passionate about fitness, and if you’re an early-riser, he invites you to join him for a workout each morning at Buckeye!


Richie Gerritsen - Class of 2022

Hey y'all my name's Richie Gerritsen and I'm from Fostoria, Ohio. I have attended BLW for 5 years. I have a bachelor's degree in religion and a master's degree in Theological Studies, both of from Liberty University. I am passionate about helping others; I love paying it forward. I also love spending time with family and friends, especially with my son. My favorite BLW memory is when Vincent sang Leave her Johnny leave her for the first time. The thing I love most about BLW is that there are people from all over the country who come, and when everyone gets together at BLW everyone gets along so well.


Amber Grundy - Class of 2021, Secretary

Amber lives in Vandalia, Michigan, and serves as the Executive Director of Camp Fire River Bend and Camp Tannadoonah. She has four young campers at home, ages 9 months to 10 years. Amber loves anything related to camp and camping, and also enjoys swimming, craft projects, and baking. She first attended BLW in 2016, and joined the planning committee in 2018. Amber is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as a MA and PhD in Developmental Psychology, with an emphasis on youth development across the transition to adolescence.


Larry Hall - Class of 2021

Larry Hall, a graduate of The Ohio State University, has served Knox County as a 4-H volunteer since 1974 and is retired from OSU Extension as a 4-H Youth Development Educator after 26 years. Larry started attending BLW in 1994 and has attended almost every year to “recharge his batteries” and make new friends. He lives on the family farm near Mount Vernon with his wife Gwen and an assortment of animals. They have three married children and seven wonderful grandchildren. Larry enjoys camping, singing, making music in various forms and teaching crafts such as friendship bracelets and leather crafts.



Ashley Okel - One-year Term, Vice President

Ashley is currently a stay at home mom to two awesome and spunky boys. She taught high school science for 10 years before having kids and has worked many camp positions from counselor to program director over many summers and seasons at YMCA and 4-H camps. She enjoys creating art, playing instruments, tending her hobby farm, and exploring nature with her family. She also spends her “me time” running a home bakery making cakes and custom sugar cookies, face painting at festivals, and working part time at Starbucks. Above all, Ashley loves learning new things which is why BLW is one of her favorite things!


Tim Reynolds - Class of 2021

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Sarah Wensink - Class of 2022

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Ted Zech - Class of 2022

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Chuck Wurth - In Memorium

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