Karen Saker - Permanent Committee

Karen Saker Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Karen Saker Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: Karen Saker

Education (institution, degrees, years, etc.): No degree – attended Kent State majoring in music education

Hometown: Brookfield, Ohio – which is where I still live

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: 1980 was my first year.  I have attended a total of 32 years (missed one year)

Favorite Movie and Why: “Singing In The Rain”  - Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain and Donald O’Conner’s “Make ‘em Laugh”   Priceless!

Favorite Part of BLW: Being a part of a transforming moment for workshoppers – watching them do something they never thought possible – that “ah-ha” moment!

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): Really – you want me to pick ONE???   Here are four!  You pick one!!!!The moment I was standing with Christy Leeds and Bob Kile (arms around each outer) right after we were first elected to the BRW committee for the first time.   Watching the circle of men holding up Vincent Kerr as he sang in public for the first time.Seeing Bill Henderson singing and playing the dulcimer my 1st year.Discovering Susie Smithers was my friend and learning from her.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: For others - So I can help impact their lives in a positive way.  For myself – to be surrounded by amazingly creative and talented people.


John Fark - Permanent Committee

John Fark Buckeye Leadership Workshop

John Fark Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: John V. Fark

Education (institution, degrees, years, etc.): The Ohio State University – B.S.1970:  M.S.1978

Hometown: Marion, Ohio

Current Employment (Company/Title/etc.): 32 years as Ohio State University Extension Agent( Educator), Marion County; Retired

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: First Year – 1972 ; 41 years as of 2013

Favorite Movie and Why: ‘Old Yeller’ A strong memory of one the first movies I really, really, really identified with and enjoyed that we went and saw as a family when I was a young boy.

Favorite Book & Why: ‘The Black Stallion’ series; ‘The Hardy Boys’ Series My memory of the first two series of books when I really got into reading and just could not put down.

Favorite Part of BLW: Teaching classes; Circle Singing; Evening programs

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): First time singing ‘Leave Her Johnny’ with Vincent during evening program.Vincent’s reaction, Crowd response, What a thrill! 

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: Fellowship, sharing and teaching, being a part of a program that brings so much joy excitement and growth to so many.

Bill Henderson - Permanent Committee

Bill Henderson Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Bill Henderson Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: Bill Henderson

Education (institution, degrees, years, etc.): BS and MS Degrees in Sociology from Ohio University, is an Associate Professor (Emeritus), The Ohio State University, served as Ohio State University Extension Agent, 4-H in Allen County, nineteen years, and Northwest District Specialist, 4-H, Youth Development, twelve years.  

Hometown: Lima, Ohio

Current Employment (Company/Title/etc.): Blissfully “RE-tired”…What a wonderful luxury!  Direct choirs, teach a little song leading, team building, and basic leadership skills.  Also teach and have taught at other Rec Labs and Workshops in Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Washington.

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: First attend BLW in 1980.  I have not missed a year since.

Favorite Movie and Why: The Musical, “The Music Man.”  I played trombone in High School, and played music from that musical.  I enjoyed the Buffalo Bills Barbershop Quartet from that movie, and got to see them perform live in Cambridge, Ohio, just 8 miles from where I grew up.

Favorite Book & Why: The book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  An Attitude of Gratitude makes for a calm and happy heart. 

What 3 songs are included on the soundtrack to your life: A Daisy A Day, New Harmony, Simple Gifts 

Dream Job: “RE-tirement”, I have the luxury of doing what I enjoy, choosing to do some of the things I should do, and the opportunity to try and teach new things.

Hobbies: Singing and performing with The Seekers, a Gospel Trio, making sting-band music with friends, woodworking, helping friends and neighbors, traveling, dining, enjoying live theater, visiting interesting places with my wife.

Favorite Food Item(s): Watermelon, fruits of all kinds, chocolate covered nuts, and a good steak now and then.

Favorite Part of BLW: I have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with some of the nicest and most talented people.  I am amazed at what I have learned and the places meeting and teaching at BLW have taken me.  I never could have guessed.  The very best part for me is leading singing, and helping people enjoy the wonderful sounds they can make.  Being a part of helping people learn and grow in their leadership abilities and become more confident them is a wonderful thing.  Sometimes the transformations have been nothing short of amazing.  

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): There have been quite a few “Sipping Moments,” but one of the best was learning a song (Leave Her Johnny) from a self-effacing Irishman named Vincent, and singing that song for the workshop as a whole with four other men.  Overall, the best moments each of the last 34 years have been having the honor of leading singing for the full workshop participants.  I have the very “Best-seat-in-the-house!”

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: I have learned and grown so much myself from the workshop, personally and professionally, but have also had the opportunity to see so many people also learn, and grow, and become so much more of a leader than they ever thought they could be.  It is a joy to know that I  may have contributed a very a small part in helping that happen.

Barry Joliff Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Barry Joliff Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: Barry Jolliff

Education (institution, degrees, years, etc.): MS Degree, OSU, Agricultural Education, Youth DevelopmentBS Degree, OSU, Elementary Education

Hometown: Wooster, Ohio

Current Employment (Company/Title/etc.):Owner of Teamplay LLC, leading Team Building and Leadership programs and also Recreational Dance workshops and traditional Square Dances.  I also teach Agricultural Education classes for OSU/ATI in Wooster.

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW:First attend BRW in 1975.  I missed two years during my college years and have all other years since then.

Favorite Movie and Why: The Musical, The Sound of Music is my all time favorite.  The music and the love story make it special to me.

Favorite Book & Why: The books, The Children’s Story by James Clavell, and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach, are two of my favorite books.  Both books portray the power within us.

Favorite Part of BLW: My favorite part of BLW is what people bring to share.  People share everything from the craft, their song, and their activity, to their life, their loves, and their losses.  BLW offers people the opportunity to be the person that they REALLY want to be for at least a few days every year.

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): Two of my favorite moments: One was watching Jane Farwell, Folklore Village; take the temperature of a elephant.  The second was being in a skit as Baby New Year and Big John was Father Time.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: I serve on the BLW committee because I believe in the goals of the workshop, to share the value of learning “life skills” through recreation.


Chisty Leeds - Permanent Committee

Christy Leeds Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Christy Leeds Buckeye Leadership Workshop

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Edith Dyke - Permanent Committee

Edith Dyke Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Edith Dyke Buckeye Leadership Workshop

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