Ariel Blanton - Adult Class of 2020

Ariel Blanton - Buckeye Leadership Workshop. Holding walking stick from BLW auction in Ireland

Ariel Blanton - Buckeye Leadership Workshop. Holding walking stick from BLW auction in Ireland

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Tim Borton - Adult Class of 2020

Tim Borton Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Tim Borton Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Masters of Education:  Recreation Management -  BGSU; Bachelors of Science in Education: Recreation Management - BGSU

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Current Employment: City of Oregon Parks and Recreation- Program Coordinator;
Bowling Green State University- Part Time Instructor for the School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies; Specializing In Fun-  Recreation Consultant- Providing dance, games and teambuilding programs for various groups and organizations

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: I first attended in 1990.

Favorite Movie and Why: Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back.   This has all the makings of a great movie, good vs. evil, great quotes, epic story, and it takes me back to my childhood.  Who can forget “Luke I am your father.”

Favorite Book & Why: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Well written books with a great story line.  Have read them several times through my life and each time I read something that I did not remember reading before.

What 3 songs are included on the soundtrack to your life: Diamond Rio’s Meet in the Middle; Cotton Eyed Joe; Louisiana Sat. Night.

Dream Job: Recreation Consultant- Full Time.  Would love to be able to support my family by leading programs full time. 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing golf, spending time with my family, reading, learning new games and dances, camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite Food Item(s): My Wife’s Apple Pie, Ice Cream in most forms.  The two together are even better.  

Favorite Part of BLW: I enjoy the evening programs to see the variety of activities that are developed and created.  I also enjoy the class time when we have a chance to share what we have learned from others but also learn from the participants taking the class.  

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): Several years ago for evening program we had a wedding ceremony/reception.  It sticks in my mind as I was the father of the groom (Chuck Wurth) the entire night was one laugh after the next.  The vows were dealt to the Bride (Jayne Roth) and the groom so they agreed to vows that won’t hear at any other wedding, there of course was dancing and snacks for the reception.  Overall the idea of having a wedding of an evening program was very original and we thought it might be hard to pull off but it was fantastic.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee:  To share the knowledge I have with future and current recreation leaders and to learn from those same people through the experiences they have had as well.  I also serve to give back to an organization that is the reason I am a recreation professional.  

Favorite Article of Clothing & Why: Blue Jeans- You can pretty much do anything in them; they are durable and can carry what I need for most days. Keys, pocket knife, thumb drive, cell phone on belt and wallet.  

How will your epitaph read: Tim Borton 1972-….He played well with others!

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose: Luke Skywalker-  Use the force, carry a light saber, fly an X-wing. What could be better?  

The best part of waking up is: Taking a shower.  

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?: I would love to have the skill and knowledge to fix and repair things around our house.  I can change the brakes and do some mechanical work on cars but when it comes to doing home repairs they take a long time and often I have to do a few steps over. I don’t think the way it is required to complete a home improvement project quickly and efficiently.  

When you have an hour of free-time, how do you pass the time?: Reading, playing a game or taking a nap.    

Where’s Waldo?: I don’t know but he is probably wearing a red striped shirt, hat and blue pants.

Michael Danhof - Adult - Class of 20

Michael Danhof - Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Michael Danhof - Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Education: The University of Michigan; Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) / Spanish Minor

Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan; now residing in Newaygo, Michigan

Current Employment: Commercial Lender, Chemical Bank

First year Attended BLW: 2013

Favorite Movie and Why: The Matrix. Why? Just watch it (again). It revolutionized special effects. The quotes are epic. There is no spoon.

Favorite Book & Why: The Face by Dean Koontz. A true thriller with multiple plot lines that all come together in the end.

What 3 songs are included on the soundtrack to your life: Anything by Armin van Buuren (trance/EDM); Daisy a Day, sung by Larry and Bill (this was Jalisa and my first dance together at our wedding); M-37 Take Me Home (Camp Newaygo song, to the tune of Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver)

Dream Job: To run an online fitness website and offer individual and large-scale programming to 25-45 year olds who live at their desks all day.

Hobbies: Taking care of our newborn, Calvin. Working out. Weightlifting. Reading. Cats. Our dog, Captain, a Dalmatian.

Favorite Food Item(s): Steak, Caesar salad, Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.

Favorite Part of BLW: Song circles and line dancing at night. Mostly because it doesn’t matter how bad you sing, or if you have two left feet - no one judges, and you get to express your true feelings.

Favorite BLW Moment and why: It’s hard to pin down a single moment that I would call a favorite. IfI had to choose, it would be hearing “Leave her Johnny” being sung by Tim, Larry, and Bill.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: While I have no experience in camping, 4-H, or related, I bring a different perspective to the committee. I also offer a skill set that is well-suited to making sure things run smoothly throughout the year and as BLW takes place.

Favorite Article of Clothing & Why: Running/workout shoes. This represents who I am, they are so comfortable and let me do whatever I want.

How will your epitaph read?: “Here lies a loving husband, father, friend, animal lover, and coach. He put others before him and gave selflessly throughout his life. May he rest in peace, hearing The Victors play into eternity.”

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?: Batman. Who wouldn’t want gobs of money, a fleet of sportscars, to be awesome at martial arts, and wear a sweet disguise?

The best part of waking up is: Folgers in your cup. No really - coffee is the best thing in the morning. Either that or waking up to a cuddly kitty laying on me.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?: To become a master pianist. Really wish I would have listened to mom and taken those lessons seriously…

When you have an hour of free-time, how do you pass the time?: Taking Captain out to run.

Where’s Waldo? Running away from Brutus.