Neva Baltzell - Adult - Class of 2019

Neva Baltzall  Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Neva Baltzall  Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: Neva Baltzell

Education (institution, degrees, years, etc.): B.S Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University; M.S Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University

Hometown: Wauchula, FL

Current Employment (Company/Title/etc.): State Camping Coordinator Resident Director, 4-H Camp Cherry Lake, Florida 4-H Youth Development

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: 2007 - 6 years

Favorite Book & Why: I have too many books that I absolutely adore.  Books allow me to escape from the everyday, teach me about myself and have wonderful adventures.  A few of my favorites: Harry Potter Series, anything Jane Austen, The Hunger Games, anything Clive Cussler, The Secret Life of Bees, Jack Reacher novels, The Silence of The Lambs.

Favorite Part of BLW: Jam session at the end of the day.

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): Song circle.  I love to watch the faces of first time attendees transform over the course of the week.  1st timers during their very first song circle are usually a little fearful and have some trepidation. By the end of the week, they are smiling or crying and just so happy.  I truly love watching that happen.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: I found parts of myself during workshop that I would never have thought existed. I hope to be able to help some future participant have that experience.


Jalisa Danhof - Adult - Class of 2019

Jalisa Johnson Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Jalisa Johnson Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Name: Jalisa Danhof

Education: Florida State University – Degree in Recreation & Leisure Services Administration

Hometown: Newaygo, MI (previously Tallahassee, FL)

Current Employment: Camp Newaygo – Assistant Director

First year Attended BLW / Numbers of years Attending BLW: 2007/seven years

Favorite Movie and Why: The Princess Bride, because I watch it whenever I’m sick, and STILL laugh.

Favorite Book & Why: The Giving Tree, because it makes you want to be a better person.

Favorite Part of BLW: Song Circles, because it creates such a great community!

Favorite BLW Moment (and why): Teaching Connections to the group my second year at BLW with a crew from Florida. Because it gave me a chance to lead at such a young age – and it created moments of love and tears from the Buckeye Family.

Why You Serve on the BLW Committee: I love learning, teaching, and constantly challenging myself. Everything I’ve learned about camping, I’ve learned from the wonderful folks on committee, and it’s an honor to be in the same room as my heros.

Ted Zech - Adult - Class of 2019

My name is TED.  I have not handed in my bio...