You will choose one session for the morning and one session for the afternoon. You’ll attend the same two sessions for all four days of the workshop, giving you more than 6 hours of instruction in each of the topics you choose. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of participant-led sessions each afternoon between 4pm and 5pm each day. We call these mini sessions “4 to 5ers.”

2020 Morning Sessions

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Portable Team Building Activities
Chris Cavert
Cost: $0 limit: 24

In this hands-on, get-up-and-move-around experience you will learn to lead a wide variety of ice-breakers, ground-based activities, and problem-solving initiatives, including low elements, that are super-portable, utilize versatile props easy to find or create. These team building activities work well with middle school age participants and older. Be ready for a lot of new activities, as well as some tried-and-true variations of well-known favorites. Chris will also integrate facilitation tips, front-loading techniques and processing ideas for the activities presented in the program. All facilitator experience levels are welcome.


Sing, Ring, Stomp, and Teach!
Bill Henderson, Larry Hall, and Owen Herbst
Cost: $0 Limit: 15

Participants will be immersed in a wide variety of opportunities to sing, make rhythms, and create music with wide variety of “instruments” both made and found. You will learn “tips” on how to enjoy, lead and teach youth, teens, adults and seniors about ways to make and enjoy making music. We plan to surprise and amaze and put a “smile in your heart!”


Ashley Okel and Dave Kalkbrenner
Cost: $15 Limit: 15

STEAM is a class that takes the important fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, (STEM) that are inherently analytical, and infuses them with Art to create STEAM! In so many aspects of our lives and careers, it is important to be able to be a good problem solver, but the problem is, solving real problems and creating amazing things takes a lot of creativity! When we look at STEM projects, large and small, we can sometimes feel limited, but by allowing art in, we explore the creativity and self expression in each of us that will allow us to think outside of the box and truly conceive and invent new useful things!!! This class will explore STEM activities with a strong focus on ART that can be used with participants of all ages! We will build, engineer, experiment, and calculate, in our process of creating art every day. This class has the potential to be messy, so dress for creative creation!


Game with a purpose
Ted Zech
Cost: $0 limit: 12

In this class we will be learning and playing games designed to increase communication and social interaction. The games we will be playing will be chosen for various types of both verbal and/or nonverbal communication. From competitive to cooperative, we will have a game for you. No previous experience is necessary.


Richie Gerritsen
Cost: $15 Limit: 12

Step up your improv skills in a new and fun way by designing your own puppets which can be used at home or camp! In this exciting class you will focus on designing your own puppet as well as discussing and performing different skits that you can take home to use. We also will build a small puppet stage out of PVC pipe and discuss other ways of making a stage out of different kinds of materials.


Staff Development and Designing Staff Training
Beth Allison, Camp Hacker
Cost: $0 Limit: 25

Leadership Training is both an art and a science. Drawing from over 30 years of Staff Development in Summer Camp, Beth will take you through the necessary steps to help you build your own professional and intentional staff training.  She will share some of her very best techniques and activities to create a strong and vibrant community in which staff will thrive and feel supported. Topics will include:  developing an engaging and respectful learning environment, determining how to make the most of your schedule, understanding how to engage return staff, learning ways to continue staff training all year round, and setting up your people to better deal with anxiety and stress.  

Through discussion, hands-on, and individual activities, we’ll experience together how to build an incredibly intentional staff training that fills all your people with passion and purpose.  


Keep Calm and Relax
Michael Danhof, Frances Nicol, Rod Matz, and Tim Reynolds
Cost: $5 Limit: 15

Tight Shoulders? Feeling stressed? Have the worries of life caught up to you or those important to you? Need some time during the craziness of BLW to just…. aahhhhhhh…...breathe? Then we hope that this session will help you out. This session will take a look at stress - the good, the bad and the ugly. We will explore different ways to relieve stress, including breathing techniques and exercises, progressive relaxation, simple massage techniques, and Yoga (taught by a 4-H Yoga for Kids trained instructor). By the end of the class you will have learned skills that you can use yourself or share with others. Bring a water bottle, towel and/or yoga mat.


Thrive{ology}: Train the Trainer
Amber Grundy and Tim Borton
cost: $0 limit: 20

Learn how to help youth find their Sparks, gain self-confidence, and learn life-changing life skills to thrive now! Thrive{ology} is a research-based program framework founded on the pillars of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and it works. Developed by the Thrive Foundation for Youth, Thrive{ology} has four goals: help youth (1) discover their “Sparks,” (2) develop a Growth Mindset, (3) learn goal-management skills, and (4) take time to reflect. In this train-the-trainer level course, you will learn how to train your staff, camp counselors, or youth leaders so that they can implement Thrive{ology} into your programs.


Edie Dyke-Conley
cost: $10 limit: 12

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a "quilt in a day" but we believe we have a quilt you can complete while you are at BLW and have LOTS of fun making it. Kit will be provided at a cost of $10. You will need to bring a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (i have a limited number of sewing machines available so please let me know if you will need one).

2020 Afternoon Sessions

Purposeful Program Design for Team Builders
Chris Cavert
Cost: $0 Limit: 24

This program is full of tools used to teach and practice purposeful programming for team building experiences. You will learn how to use the 'Activity Determination Scale' (ADS) and the “F.U.N.” Program Design (FPD) model to blend activities together on a macro and micro level. This experience will also include considerations for educational roles, activity formations, props, transitions and processing techniques to become a purposeful programmer. All facilitator experience levels can benefit from this hands-on, interactive program.


Creating beautiful “Little Things” from wood
Bill Henderson and Ed Bennett
Cost: $0 Limit: 12

This class will feature making ‘Beautiful Little’ Earrings, Pins, Broaches, Necklace Fobs, Hair Barrettes, etc. from a wide variety of colorful and figured woods. Participants will learn techniques for creating, with simple hand tools they most likely will have never used before, and the joy of creating fashion accessories and beautiful jewelry from scratch.


Tips and tools for Productivity
Travis Allison & Joe Richards
Cost: $0 Limit: 20

Are you overwhelmed with all of the productivity blogs, hacks, and apps? Travis and Joe will help you cut through the clutter and get to what works for you. Expect to learn a series of "best practices" as well as helpful software, phone apps, as well as other offline tools. This session will cover a variety of productivity tips and tools to help you get better control of your life, your job and your sanity. Travis and Joe will help you discover what can work for you personally. Come with a "Can Do" attitude and be willing to try new things.


Swing And Squares
Craig Muhlenkamp and Barry Jolliff
Cost: $0 Limit: 32

Learn a wide variety of dances that work with groups small and large. Easy to learn, fun to attempt, and great exercise. This class will be up and moving most of the time. We will dance in lines, circles, squares and more. We will explore the basic moves in country style swing dancing! The session will include limited opportunities to practice leading dances to the other class participants if there is desire.


Ted Zech and Jack Herbst
Cost: $0 Limit: 15

Do you love shows like "Whose Line is it Anyway" and other improvisational comedy? Then we've got the class for you. Come stretch your imagination muscles and play a wide variety of improv games, and practice making quick improvisational skits. No experience necessary, and as they say it's all made up but the experience matters.


ScreenPrinting 101
Sarah Wensink
Cost: $20 Limit: 12

Have you ever had the perfect idea for a t-shirt design, but it wasn’t cost effective to have just one shirt made? Come to this class to learn all you need to know to silk screen your own designs onto shirts, bags, paper, wood and more! We will start from the beginning with low-tech materials (hand-drawn designs and household materials), and graduate to using a computer and Cricut to cut more intricate designs using vinyl. We will be using paint, so be prepared to get your hands a little dirty.


Exploring our Wild Outdoors
John Fark
Cost: $0 Limit: 15

Camp Staff, counselors, teachers, naturalists, parents and grandparents: become the ‘Pied Piper’ for youth and adults in exploring the natural world around them. John Fark will involve you in a multitude of experiences that will help kids (and yourself) increase awareness and get excited about understanding and appreciating the mysterious relationships of plants and critters in our Great Outdoors. Learn lots of ‘hands in’ fun activities that will ‘sensitize your senses’ to the textures, molecular vibrations, aromas, shapes and colors to ‘see the outdoors’ as never seen before. Learn how to get yourself and others excited about investigating and unraveling the ‘mysteries’ of the forest, the stream and the back yard. Resource Packet provided. Bring your water proof boots, raincoat and outdoor wear.


Camp Counselor Toolkit
Frances Nicol, Christy Leeds, and Larry Hall
Cost: $10 Limit: 32

This session is for current or aspiring camp counselors and leaders seeking a variety of tools and activities they can use at camp. Participants will receive a “toolkit” with items and resources to use while at camp. We will explore various topics from working with various ages, working with challenging campers, teaching effective sessions, leading all camp activities, etc. The goal of this session is to supplement training received in your current program, provide additional resources, and help you become the best camp leader you can be.


Craft Night
Sami Brossia and Ariel Blanton
Cost: $20 Limit: 15

You’ve heard of “Game Night”, but have you heard of “Craft Night”?! Come join us for a variety of single-serve sized craft projects adaptable for all ages. We will guide you through trendy projects to do with a group, to have friends over, or for a new way to spend time at a family gathering. We will chill out making Boho Chic macrame jewelry and home decor, be inspired making wall art like quotes on watercolors, rustic or geometric string art, or photo transfers on wood, then relax after making spa goodies like bath bombs and jellies, soaps, and sugar scrubs. We will wrap it up with a trendy sun-dyed scarf/bandana printed by the power of the sun! We’ll even make some sweets and treats to make the party extra fancy!


Hand Work
Edie Dyke
Cost: $0 Limit: 15

When you're too tense for common sense, relax a vous . Everywhere you turn magazines and TV shows are singing the benefits of hand work for us. Busy people, more than anyone else, deserve a little "fabric therapy." We will explore hand piecing, embroidery, wool applique and hand quilting in this class. Come have a cup of tea and relax with me.