Buckeye Leadership Workshop Session Offerings
Sessions at Buckeye Leadership Workshop are the key to our success.

You will choose one session for your morning class and attend it each morning for the four days of workshop.  You do the same in the afternoon - one session - go to it each day.  You will receive approximately 8 hours of instruction on the topics that you choose. We ask that you choose a first choice and a second choice in each time slot - just in case a session has already filled.

In addition you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of participant led sessions held between 4pm and 5pm each day - what we call "4 to 5ers".

Download a PDF version of our Brochure here shortly.

BLW 2018 Morning Sessions
(2019 Sessions coming SOON!)

(scroll down for afternoon sessions):

Stem with Arts!
Rebecca Bennett
Cost: $15 Limit: 20

If you work with kids, teach at school or camps, or even just really like STEM and want to learn how to make it more fun, this class is for you! We will be using creative and artistic experiments to help explain the basic ideas of STEM fields to get more kids involved in an exciting way! All levels of STEM experience welcome and encouraged

'mazing marketing with Camphacker
Travis Allison
Cost: $0  Limit: 30

You know you run a life-changing rec program. Getting kids to your program should be easy, right? What other activities for kids can have this kind of impact? Do you ever feel like you just wish you had a simple-to-follow plan to make marketing your program easier? Travis Allison will be facilitating a discussion based on the marketing and communications plan he's developed for his CampHacker Marketing Treehouse.  You will leave with a marketing strategy that you can begin THIS summer!

SHaring Camp Ideas
Joe Richards
Cost: $0 limit: 20

We can all use more ideas for making our camp experience more amazing.  This session will be an opportunity to learn over 50 new ideas - brought to you by all of the people who sign up.  We will share our camps best games, programs, songs, themes and practices.  Sharing all of our camps best ideas helps us all become the best camps possible.

Dance for all
Christy Leeds & Barry Joliff
Cost: $0  Limit: 30

Recreational Dancing! A great way to meet new people, have fun and get some exercise.  In this class you will have the opportunity to learn MANY: Circle Mixers, Folk Dances, Trios, and Traditional Square Dances. There will be opportunity to lead a dance(s) with our class.  You will learn about teaching Recreational Dancing to your group back at home.  Recreational Dancing has been a part of BLW for nearly 70 years, because it is a worthy life skill that is enjoyed by many.

Nest Box Trails & Native Bird Species
David Kalkbrenner
Cost: $20 Limit: 15

Class participants will learn about native cavity-nesting birds including habitat, nest box construction, invasive species competition, and installing a next box trail in their home community.  Participants will make 3 nest boxes ready for home installation.  This information is easily transferrable to schools, camps, and parks & recreation departments interested in having teaching tools for outdoor education.  The class information can easily expand to include basic science, math, and language arts concepts for school groups.

Crafts & Gifts Through The Year
Karen Saker
Cost: $12 Limit: 15

All year long, there are special events to celebrate - holidays, birthdays, family events, etc. You will make gifts, crafts and decorations that will add to these celebrations. Some will be short and sweet and cheap, others will take a little longer and use more costly materials.  If you work with teen or adult groups or just want ideas for your own use, this class will give you lots of ideas to take home and share.  Karen Saker, who is a long-time crafter, will be your guide to this year-long celebration of all things crafty!

Tabletop Games Extravaganza!
Ted Zech & Jack Herbst
Cost: $0 Limit: 16

Come one come all, come early and often to play Tabletop Games! In this session we will be playing a wide variety of board, cards, and dice games. Games will range from highly social to fairly competitive, so we can guarantee there will be something for everyone. All games will be provided, but  feel free to bring your favorites to share! 

Quilted Items for Home or Gifts
Edith Dyke
Cost: $0 limit: 12

When is a quilt not a quilt? When it is a quilted item that can be used in your home decor or given as a gift? This year we will have a different project each day (each one quilted). Such items may be: mug covers, place mats, table runners and pillows. We do it all on a sewing machine for fast finishing. Supply list for those who indicate interest will be sent. Kits will also be available.

Uke Can Do It! - Ukulele 101
Matt Honsberger
cost: $0 limit: 12

Join Ukulele 101 - a crash course in all things Ukulele covering the very basics - tuning, chords, melody playing, strumming, finger-picking and singing while playing. We'll also spend some time talking about starting a Ukulele program, group music teaching techniques and ultimately work towards a group performance at the end of BLW. All skill levels welcome! Beginners will learn the instrument from the ground up and more experienced players are encouraged to join and assist with teaching smaller groups. Don't have a Ukulele - no problem! You show up, we'll put a Ukulele in your hands. Uke Can Do It!


BLW 2018 Afternoon Sessions:

recreation Sampler
Christy Leeds & Barry Joliff
Cost: $0  Limit: 16

his class is for leaders who seek a variety of tools and activities to use in different settings and groups.  We will explore outdoor cooking over a fire, origami and other indoor table fun, team challenge activities to help your groups interact and solve problems, creative dramatics, arts & crafts, and more.  The goal of this session will be to give you the experience and tips to lead and teach the activities presented.

living better
Neva Batzell & Michael Danhof
Cost:$0 Limit:20

We all know we should aim to do healthier things and teach the same things to those we lead, but it can be difficult. This session will cover a range of ways to be healthier, from small cooking changes to fun activity ideas for all ages. You will learn and DO these things, so come ready to feel energized and on your way to your healthier, well-er self.

drum building
Bill Henderson & charlie fliger
Cost:$30 Limit:12

Build your own African (Ashiko) style, Goat Skin head, tunable wood stave drum.  Glue, shape, sand, finish, soak, stretch, trim, and tune, then beam with pride at your creation as you join the eons old, unbroken chain of builders and drummers throughout the world.   No previous experience necessary.  Tools and all supplies provided.  Pre-registration requested. 

Fake It Until You Become It - Camp Counselor Training
Jalisa Danhof & Larry Hall
Cost: $0 Limit: 30

Come and learn some new and in-tents activities and skills that can help make you the best counsellor you can be! In this session we will teach you fun new games, loud and rambunctious songs and tips and tricks to handle every type of camper!  We will give you ideas on how to throw special events, lead programs, and ensure that your campers have an all around in-tents time! If you have attended this session before, don't you worry, we are back with brand new things to teach you! 

creating difference makers     
Beth Allison, CAmphacker
Cost: $0 LImit: 30

It’s our role as youth development professionals to help our staff shift from, “…seeing themselves as workers with an assignment to crank out, to seeing themselves as people with a difference to make.”  ~ OC Tanner Institute. In this engaging and experiential workshop, learn the steps to creating an intentional and welcoming community that will make all people involved feel a part of something important and bigger than themselves.  We will delve into the intrinsically unique needs of your staff, focus on fostering self-esteem, learn ways to effectively communicate your mission and message, and experience sessions you can take back with you that inspire your staff to take ownership and create positive change.

What's Your Personality?   
Becca Bennett & Jenell Brossia
Cost: $0  Limit: 20

If you want to learn your strengths and weaknesses, how to put an effective team together, and how to lead people the way they need to be lead, this class is for you! We will take a variety of personality tests and discuss how to use them efficiently to improve relationships, build an environment for success, incorporate diversity, and generally have a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. All ages and levels of experience welcome.

Discover Our Wild Outdoors
 John Fark
Cost: $0  Limit: 15

Counselors, teachers, naturalists, parents and grandparents: become the ‘Pied Piper’ for youth and adults in exploring the natural world around them. Get excited about understanding and appreciating the mysterious relationships of plants and critters in our Great Outdoors. Learn lots of ‘hands in’ fun activities dealing with textures, sounds, smells, and colors developing and focusing your senses to ‘see the outdoors’ as never seen before. Learn how to get yourself and others excited about investigating and unravelling the ‘mysteries’ of the forest, the stream and the back yard. Bring your water proof boots, raincoat and outdoor wear.        

Plan Programs Like a Pro!     
Ted Zech & Ariel Blanton    
Cost: $0  Limit: 20

Ever wonder how those awesome programs are put together? Think, "Man, I wish we could do something like that with my organization?" You can by joining our Program Planning class! We will explore various program formats and take part in tons of activities that make the programs fun! You will also have an opportunity to put what you learn to use by running your own 1 hour program for willing participants! Come prepared to learn, share, and have some fun!

Leadership In Action        
Tim Borton    
Cost: $0  Limit: 25

Class will introduce basic leadership concepts, theories and styles.  Will use discussion and interactive leadership activities that are designed to enhance and reinforce concepts learned.  Will cover ideas like autocratic leadership, power, what it is and where it comes from, situational leadership and how to apply them to groups in the leaders home community.   

Games Not for the Faint of Heart      
Jack Herbst & Gloria Koester
Cost: $0  Limit: 25

Games Not For The Faint Of Heart is not for those who can’t handle the intense fire of competition. Open to those who need their activity arsenal refreshed, this session will teach workshop-goers games that thrive on high energy and games that will challenge even the wittiest of players. Are you up to the challenge?