BLW 2017 Morning Sessions:

So THIS is Rocket Science!
Ronald Cull & Rebecca Bennett
Cost: $20  Limit: 20

This session includes hands-on experiments and take-aways designed to use easy-to-find equipment from around the house, big box stores, or toy stores. The intention of this class is to demonstrate the basic principles of rocket science and show that it's not as scary as it's made out to be. All four elements of STEM are critical to rocket science and will be addressed. This class will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to teach others the myths and truths of rocket science and replicate the activities, all the while becoming a rocket scientist for a week!

How to Do All the Things: Time Management & Productivity
Jenell Brossia
Cost: $0  Limit: $20

"The bad news - time flies. The good news - you're the pilot." It's a truth universally acknowledged that busy people like to stay busy. While being involved with different groups and activities keeps life interesting and gives us a sense of purpose, balancing all of our commitments and simply finding the time we need to get everything done can sometimes be tricky. Join me for some activities and discussion in which we'll address time management strategies, productivity, procrastination, prioritization, stress management, & more. All levels of experience welcome.

Secrets of a Camp Director
Joe Richards
Cost: $0 limit: 20

After 20 years of being a Camp Director, I have some secrets to share.  This session will cover a wide range of topics including leadership, training, games, ideas, things to do, things not-to-do, and many more.  This session is for camp directors, board members, volunteers and more experienced camp counselors.  There will be opportunities for sharing and lots of discussion. Learn my secrets so you can use them to your advantage.

“Games Master” in Training
Tim Borton
Cost: $0  Limit: 30

Do you want to become a Games Master?  Someone who people turn to and say could you play a game with us?  Then this is the class for you.  We will focus on how to plan and lead games for groups of all sizes.  Games will range from slow to fast paced, from large group to small group, and for all ages.  Class will be very interactive and participants will play the games as we learn.  At the end of the week we hope that you too will become a “Game Master”

Campfire Tales
Ariel Blanton & Chuck Wurth
Cost: $0  Limit: 15

Do you have a tale you are itching to tell? Interested in learning more about ghost stories? How about the do’s and don’ts of sharing a story around a fire’s glow? Ever heard of a legend trip? Don’t judge this book by its cover, check it out! How? Join Ariel and Chuck as they lead you through the adventures of campfire storytelling, legend trips and so much more! Come ready to be thrilled through fiction, fable and fantasy!

TEAMWORK & TEAMPLAY – Team building tricks of the trade to make your group into a team
Barry Jolliff
Cost: $12 (optional) Limit: 20

For the beginning through the more advanced team builder.  Learn many team building activities, primarily from the book Teamwork & Teamplay, as well as several newer and/or revised activities.  A hands-on session with sharing of ideas from previous experiences. Light to moderate activity in most of the activities.  Processing takes an activity from being a game and makes it into a team building tool.  We will be making a few props used in the team building activities.  $12 fee for props (optional).

Kreative Kid's Krafts with Karen
Karen Saker
Cost: $12 Limit: 15

Explore the world of crafts designed for use with kids in a variety of settings.  Weather you are working with kids at church, school, camps or with your children or grandchildren, you will find ideas here that you can use.  Crafts offered will be simple and low cost and will use easy to get materials.  There will be a supplies cost of $12.00.

Non-Boring Board Games
Ted Zech
Cost: $0 Limit: 12

In this session, we will be playing many different styles of tabletop games, from individual victories to team strategy domination; I can guarantee we will all leave winners. Come learn and play fun new board games, as well as re-visit a few classics in a fun relaxing paced setting. All games will be provided, but if you have a favorite, or two, feel free to share it.



BLW 2017 Afternoon Sessions:

Geometric dancing! Dancing in circles, lines and squares
Tim Borton
Cost:$0 Limit: 30

Learn a wide variety of dances that work with groups small and large.  Easy to learn, fun to attempt and great exercise.  Class will be up and moving most of the time.  We will dance in lines, circles, squares and more.  Limited opportunity to practice leading dances to the class if there is desire.

Learning to Lead
Neva Batzell and Christy Leeds
Cost:$0 Limit:16

Enhance your understanding and practice of leadership skills by learning and leading, a variety of recreational activities. In this session we’ll discuss philosophies and styles of leadership, examples of good leadership, and tips for improving your own success at leading groups. We will engage in a variety of recreational pursuits during this class with the goal of participants becoming confident in leading some of the activities.   In addition to learning some new activities, we’ll use our experiences to practice and analyze leadership

18 – Hole Golf Course,,,”no batteries required!”  
Bill Henderson & Ed Bennett
Cost:$30 Limit:12

Build your very own, Heirloom Quality ‘bumper puck’  portable Golf Course (16” X 30” X 2”) .  Gather your ‘Foursome’ and play a challenging ‘Front 9’ then flipboard over for an equally challenging, but different‘Back-9’…rain or shine (complete with ‘hazards and terrain features’)..  A ‘cue’ and ‘puck’ replace the ball and club.  All tools and supplies furnished.  No previous experience necessary.

Camp Counseling Is In TENTS
Jalisa Danhof & Meaghan Wheeler
Cost: $0 Limit: 30

If you are working as a camp counselor this summer, this session is for you. Come ready to learn back pocket games, tips for tricky campers, cabin activities, and camp songs. We will prepare you to tackle homesickness like a pro, mediate camper conflict, and dominate at evening programs. Play through a session that will feel like the magic of camp. Leave with the tools you need to be an amazing counselor. If you attended this class in 2015 – get ready for ALL NEW activities in 2016. This session will be fast-paced, and yes, in-tents.

Edie Dyke    
Cost: $0 LImit: 15

So many traditional patchwork quilts require cutting and sewing lots of half square triangles.  Learn a way to cut that chore way down and still make a pretty quilt called “Hovering Hawks”.  This class with Edie Dyke is great for beginners as well as experienced sewers.  Those who indicate an interest will be sent a supply list. 

Song Circles        
Larry Hall & Ariel Blanton    
Cost: $0  Limit: 20

What can music do for you, your program and your life? Join Ariel and Larry as we search music lyric resources and practice song leading techniques to create memorable music experiences. The ability to carry a tune in a bucket is not a prerequisite.        

Exploring Our Wild World       John Fark & Denny Elliott
Cost: $0  Limit: 15

Counselors, teachers, naturalists, parents and grandparents: become the ‘Pied Piper’ for youth and adults in exploring the natural world around them. Get excited about understanding and appreciating the mysterious relationships of plants and critters in our Great Outdoors. Learn lots of ‘hands in’ fun activities dealing with textures, sounds, smells, and colors developing and focusing your senses to ‘see the outdoors’ as never seen before. Learn how to get yourself and others excited about investigating and unravelling the ‘mysteries’ of the forest, the stream and the back yard. Bring your water proof boots, raincoat and outdoor wear.        

Shooting Sports        
Chuck Wurth    
Cost: $20  Limit: 12

Learn safety and the basics of shooting sports of small bore rifle, shotgun and archery taught by 4-H Instructors. Registration by March 6, 2017 so shooting sports forms can be filled out and filed. If you are a minor you will need parent/guardian permission. All will have to sign a form for the range promising good safety practices and behavior. All firearms, bows and ammunition provided. Do not bring firearms, bows or ammunition. Bring ear and eye protection.  

Bring it On (Again)!        
Michael Danhof    
Cost: $0  Limit: 25

Have a competitive edge? Want to learn (including how to teach) and play high-energy, fast-paced games at BLW? Need some new games to burn the excess energy of your group at organization or camp? Then this is the class for you! Get ready to run and have fun learning a wide range of games, from Nuke ‘Em to Go for the Goal to Four Goal Soccer and more!